Our Posada Girasol

View from the balcony on the Bahia de Mochima, on the east coast of Venezuela.
The front of our house. The Posada can not be seen from the road, but it is something hidden behind our house.
In our reception room is also cozy down together before. Here are the tours in the National Mochima can study or travel further explained in other regions of Venezuela.
The apartments have air conditioning but, large bathroom, cable TV, stove, large fridge, always a hammock on the bar. Relaxation is called for.
Sitting in one of the apartments have comfortable seating for up to four people. Ideal for small families or friends.
This photo was taken from the rooftop of our Posada. The Bahia de Mochima continue to fascinate.
The bunk bed is stable by a local carpenter, built with parental control. The children are both very excited and will be heavily discussed above, who can sleep.

One of the most romantic double rooms. Also they have a private bathroom, cable or satellite television, air conditioning and ceiling fan, refrigerator. We sleep under the stars.

The apartments are equipped with queen size beds, so that even the really big people to get a good night's sleep. All mattresses in the Posada Girasol are orthopedic and newer.

As time has a coral and shell collection accumulated by people like look and touch. Everything from trips with Captain Roger in the beautiful National Park Mochima.
The “corner” of books and information for tours in other regions in Venezuela.

The decoration at the bottom of the Posada has given it its name.

Sunflower = girasol